Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

“Hi Kiana and Dr. Bill,

“To tell you a little about what’s been happening since your adjustment. For the last several months, I’ve been cutting trees, trimming bushes, hauling brush over to the burn pile, as well as walking a couple of miles several times a week. I had to push myself to finish everything all the time.

“I noticed that during walks, I could go a half mile or so and really had to push to get back to the car. Since the adjustment, I feel like the energizer bunny.

“You mentioned that I might feel tired later in the day and might need a nap. I couldn’t have slept if I tried. Too much energy. I went to bed at the usual time 9:30 pm, and did nothing but toss and turn, only to get up and read until around 2 a.m., where I went to sleep and awoke about 5 a.m. to walk around 4 miles.

“I thought that was a quirk, so after the same thing happened the next day, I realized that, it was the new me. I felt like I used to feel before the burst aorta 7 years ago. I had unlimited energy then,  just like I feel now.

“It has continued the same way each day. I was thinking at first, just a normal adjustment, but now I think and feel differently.With the energy and light work as well as the chiropractic adjustments, I’ve noticed many different things going on in my system.

“All I can say is WOW. I need to come back for more.

“See you soon, Bruce.”

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