Chiropractors As Martial Artists
(Originally published as Chiropractors: Martial Artists of the Healing Arts in The American Chiropractor, April 2014)

Chiropractic has never been a profession for wimps. Historically, the profession has attracted rugged individualists. Today, even though it is a well-recognized and respected profession and part of the mainstream, it takes a unique individual to pursue a chiropractic career.

I first began thinking of myself as a healing martial artist about 30 years ago. The similarities between chiropractic and the martial arts became apparent to me when I began studying the various martial arts.

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No Magic Bullet In Chiropractic

(Originally posted on January 16, 2013 by Dr. Bill Koch)

We humans have a natural desire for instant gratification. We want what we want and we want it now! If we have a problem we want a quick, easy solution, a universal solution that will fix all our problems — a magic bullet. Unfortunately, in real life there are no magic bullets. And there is no magic bullet in chiropractic.

Disillusioned Doctor

Recently I received the following email from one of my readers:

Dr. Koch, I am looking into purchasing Dr. Gonzales ”Basics” Quantum Neurology® DVD and LITE program. Is this technique really the magic bullet we have been looking for in chiropractic? I have felt let down by all the stories we have heard in chiropractic school. And after 12 years in practice and about 20 additional technique courses, besides the ones I learned in school, I feel let down with chiropractic and its effectiveness. On your home page of your website you talk about ways to simplify practice and perform more cash services. Do you have anymore advice on this? And your thoughts on the Quantum Neurology.

It made me sad to hear how disillusioned and discouraged he is. After 12 years in practice and having studied 20 post graduate techniques, he should be riding the crest of his personal wave of professional success. The question is, why is this not happening for him? Why is he not getting the kind of results he is seeking?

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Instrument Adjusting: Part One
(Originally blog title: Chiropractors: Stay Off the Injured List, 5-20-2012)

We are all conscious of the need to conserve natural resources. But how conscious are you of the need to conserve and protect your own personal physical resources?

Most of us, especially when we are young and enthusiastic, think that we are invulnerable, that we are ten feet tall and bulletproof. We work hard as we strive to build a practice and a life.

I personally worked crazy hours seeing a ridiculous number of patients per day with no thought of the toll it was taking on my own body. I was not alone — most of my friends were doing the same thing. We were hooked on the ego trip of being able to attract a high volume of patients. We were making a lot of money and most of us were living up to it, buying expensive toys, working hard and playing hard.

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Adventures In Practice
Published by The American Chiropractor, February 2006

We have all grown up with the dramas of medical practice, depicted in popular TV programs. There was Dr. Ben Casey doing brain surgery, the fatherly Marcus Welby, M.D. who practiced medicine in a small town, providing each patient with a level of patience, competence and benevolence that everyone would love to have from their Doctor. Who can forget Mash and the battlefield surgical expertise of Dr. Hawkeye Pierce and his team of medical mavericks. Today we have E.R., House, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip Tuck and a whole host of others, including medical “reality” shows. We can on any given day watch actual surgeries ranging from fact lifts to knee replacements, and everything in between. The public loves it and it sells well.

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Quantum Neurology® In Practice
Prior to being asked to interview him, I did not know Dr. George Gonzalez and had not heard of Quantum Neurology® so I had no pre-conceived idea of what it was about. This proved to be a good thing, because it meant that he had to walk me through its rationale and development.

I found Quantum Neurology® to be a truly new and unique chiropractic methodology. It is not a remake of any other technique. Its focus is neurological as opposed to the structural focus of other techniques.

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Life and Practice in Paradise
The most frequently asked question I get is: What does it take to get licensed in one of the island nations? Living “the island life” is the fantasy of many people especially in winter when the temperature dips and the snow is flying.

Very few people ever get to live that dream. I am one of the fortunate few. It didn’t just happen. It took a lot of planning, hard work, perseverance and above all, PATIENCE.

This is the unembellished reality: Do not confuse your island vacation with the day to day experience of living and working.

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