The October Koch Protocols Advanced Chiropractic Technique Seminar Was Fantastic!

Kiana and I recently finished another great Koch Protocols Advanced Chiropractic Technique Seminar.  This one was the best yet!

Each time we do this, it seems to get better and better.  And we enjoy them so much. We put a lot into these seminars, and we get a lot out of them. They are truly a labor of love.

I am so proud of the quality of the doctors we are attracting.  All are already experienced, successful practitioners who want to continue to improve their skills for even better results while protecting their bodies from the injuries that are inevitable when practicing traditional, full contact techniques. The Koch Protocols help them do just that.

Because we keep the seminar small and personal, we all get a chance to know one another.  Kiana and I always feel we make new friends, and I believe the doctors attending feel the same way.

We spent 3 ½ days together. It was almost 40 hours of a “See It, Feel It, Do It,” hands-on experience. There was lots of learning, lots of practice, lots of camaraderie, food and fun. The doctors were all so involved in what we were doing, they didn’t even want to take the typical lunch breaks. So, Kiana made sure there were always platters of various kinds of food so that we could forage and not waste time going out.

When it was over we were all sorry to say goodbye. That is how it should be.

We have scheduled the next course for January 25-27, 2019.  We hope you will join us.

Dr. Bill Koch


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