Contribute To My New Book

How to Find the Best Chiropractor for You

Yesterday I asked for your three most important points that you would like me to cover in my new book. I have already gotten some great responses. Thank you.

I am so excited about the emails I am getting I want to again ask you to please let me hear from you. Contribute to my new book, How to Find the Best Chiropractor for You.

This book is written to help people looking for a chiropractor to find the very best one for them. But it is also a book that will bring attention to the profession. I want to be sure to show the Chiropractic Profession at its best.

And I want prospective chiropractic patients as well as experienced chiropractic patients to help me out as well by letting me know what you want from our profession. Let me know what you want from your chiropractor.

And while you are at it, let me know about the things you have not liked in your experiences with chiropractic. In other words, if you have gripes or complaints about your experiences, please tell me about them. We chiropractors need to know that as well.

So, whether you are a Chiropractic Physician or a Prospective Chiropractic Patient looking for the right doctor, please help me to include information that you want to see in this book.

What I am asking of you is for you to give me the three most important points that you would like me to be sure to cover.

All who respond with your three most important points to cover will receive a free download of the book as soon as it is ready for publication. Just be sure to include your best email in my Contact form along with your ideas.

And for those who submit ideas that I use in my book, I will send also send you a hard copy of the book when it is published. To receive this you must also include a postal mail address in the body of your email.

I thank all who participate in advance and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Dr. Bill

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