Koch Seminars

Join me in Florida October 26 – 29 for the next Koch Protocols Seminar

The March and June Seminars were a great success.  Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.

The next seminar will be 4 days.  We have decided this is going to be the best formula for the most gained in a short time and the “most bang for the buck” for those attending, especially those from other states or countries.

This is a real hands on workshop, not just a lecture/demonstration seminar.  It is a See It — Feel It — Do It formula that works amazingly well.

We have also decided that for optimal individual attention and hands on practice time, we will now be limiting each class to only 6 doctors.  Wives are also invited.

Again, it will be at my office in Mount Dora, Florida, an hour from either Orlando or Daytona airports.  There are a few small hotels in the area and lots of great B&Bs or AirBnB accommodations.  Kiana will be happy to help you select one.

Call Kiana for information or to register.  352-729-2678.

The March Seminar was a Smash Hit! We could not have been more pleased.

Last Tuesday, March 27 Kiana and I wrapped up our five day Koch Protocols Seminar on Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques. It was great.  We made new friends. Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.

The objective of my teaching is to provide young and older chiropractors alike with the kind of program I would have been excited to attend. This was exactly that.  We were a bit sad when it was over, but were energized and inspired to make the next one even better!

My teaching method is simple:  See It – Feel It – Do It. This has proven to be a very effective and enjoyable way to teach technique intensive procedures and protocols.  The proof is in the excitement and enthusiasm of not only the doctors in attendance but also of their wives.

Kiana and I were amazed that the wives stayed for the entire 5 day 40 hour program.  We had thought that the wives would just stop in for an occasional visit and would spend most of their time touring our beautiful towns and villages, relaxing or shopping.  Instead they stayed with the program and, like the doctors, were examined and treated.  This was an added bonus because each provided a unique sampling of conditions to be addressed.

Another evidence of the enthusiasm of all those attending was that they didn’t even want to take a lunch break.  They instead elected to stay and just snack on the organic fruits, nuts, cheese and crackers, hummus, guacamole, salsa, organic blue corn chips and other goodies that Kiana provided. The owner of our local hair salon even surprised us a scrumptious, homemade carrot cake that was a real hit. We did everything we could to make those five days enjoyable.

Some of the doctors had been in practice for more than 35 years and were feeling the effects on their bodies.  They were hoping to learn techniques that would be physically easier on them, while getting better results for happier patients.   Some also want to transition from insurance to cash practice. Which is what the Koch Protocols are are all about.The Koch Protocols for Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques seminar excels at teaching both.

My protocols eliminate the repetitive motion stress and strain on the doctors’ bodies, allowing them to extend their careers rather than feeling forced to quit for the sake of their own health.  My protocols consist of a number of advanced techniques, most of which can be done with the ArthroStim and VibraCussor electronic instruments. The important thing is that my examination and correction procedures wow the patients with results they can see and feel immediately.  The Koch Protocols get quick results that patients recognize and are happy to pay for out of pocket.  They also are eager to refer their family and friends.

All of my patients come to me as referrals from happy patients and other professionals.  They know in advance I do not take insurance or process insurance forms. They come to me knowing that I am “different.”  That is why they come to me.  Because I am different. They are tired of the “same old, same old.”

Most every new patient I get has made the rounds of other DCs, MDs, and PTs.  Many have had failed back surgeries. They come frustrated with their previous care and many have despaired of ever finding real help.  Thankfully, I help the vast majority of them and it is very rewarding to be able to do that.

I want the doctors I instruct to experience the joy of true exceptionalism and the rewards it brings, while extending their careers without hurting themselves. That’s a win for both doctor and patient.

Kiana and I are already looking forward to our next Koch Protocols Seminar.  It will be four days – June 8 through 11.  We would love to have you join us for a unique practice experience.

To learn more and to register please call Kiana at 352-729-2678.  Or email outislanddc@drwilliamhkoch.com

Please join me in Florida in March for my next seminar  Koch Protocols for Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques.

My next hands-on intensive technique training seminar begins June 8, 2018. I’d like to invite you to join me.

June 8 – 11, 2018 — A 4 day intensive, hands on learning experience.

See It – Feel It – Do It

We are keeping the seminar small to give every participant the opportunity to maximize the learning experience and get as much out of each session as he or she can.  The goal is for each doctor to “See It, Feel It and Do It.”  You will see me perform my protocols, experience the way it feels to be adjusted this way, and get the opportunity to do the techniques by practicing on each other.

The First Two Days will cover the basics of the Koch Protocols technique approach including my unique approach to the first visit examination, consultation and treatment.

I do a very complete examination during the first visit to determine weakness and imbalance throughout the structure.  And no matter what issue the patient presents as the main problem, I always begin my treatment by balancing the pelvis. As with the foundation of a house, if it is not level and balanced, nothing in the house will be level, strong or stable.

Therefore, the beginning of the seminar will be focused on balancing the pelvis.  I will spend a lot of time teaching the examination and treatment protocols I use to achieve this, including my use of the ArthroStim and VibraCussor instruments, SOT blocks, and the methods I use to determine what category of SOT blocking is most appropriate according to examination indicators. I will also teach my procedure for manually releasing the psoas.

Days 3 and 4 will focus on the specific evaluation and treatment of the thoracic and cervical spine with the objective of re-establishing the functional inter-relationship between the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and providing an understanding of the difference between a segmental vs. a regional approach to spinal correction.

I will teach you how I use both instrument and specific manual adjusting techniques for the thoracic and cervical spine, including how I do Gonstead cervical chair adjustments, which I find gets far more specific and effective results than other manual cervical adjusting techniques. 

I will also teach my favorite cervical adjustment: a three dimensional seated occipital technique, which he learned from Dr. Clay Thompson.

I have often said, “If I could only do one cervical move it would be Dr. Thompson’s occipital adjustment.”

And I will teach some low force bio-cranial treatments, internal TMJ corrections and other specific soft tissue orthopedic techniques to give you the tools to deal with your most difficult and challenging cases.

If time allows I will also cover how I do extremity adjusting for fast, effective results that wow my patients. I am often able to correct issues with the extremities that patients have had for years. Quickly, easily and effectively.

And I will be demonstrating my Koch Functional Fitness Multi Plane Exercise program

Kiana and I look forward to having you join us for new Adventures in Practice.  We know it will be professionally rewarding – and a lot of fun too!

Call Kiana at 352-729-2678 to register.

The cost of the seminars is:  $400

Discounted price for students: $250

Future Dates tentatively scheduled for October 2018 and January 2019

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Are You Ready to Elevate Your Skills, Practice & Patient’s Lives?

Re-post with revisions — First posted April 11, 2017

Are you ready to elevate your skills, practice and patient’s lives? If you answered yes, you are at the right place!

Join me in Mount Dora, Florida for my seminar on the Koch Protocols in Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques  March 23, 24, 25 for part one and part two March 26, 27.  Call 352-729-2678 for details.

  • Are you graduating soon?
  • Worried about what’s next after graduation?
  • Are you new to practice and struggling with the direction you want to take?
  • Or have you been in practice for a while but are always working towards attaining better results?
  • Have you been frustrated with not being able to get patients better fast and NOT complain that their problem comes back as soon as they leave your office or when they simply lifted something light?
  • Are you frustrated with the different practice management companies telling you in order to succeed you will need to see a thousand patients a week and do countless spinal screenings? Does that make your stomach crawl?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with seeing patients only a few minutes each and then moving on to the next one?

My name is Dr. Bill Koch. I’ve been in practice for 50 years and have had several very successful practices in the USA and the Bahamas. During my long career I studied with some of the great teachers, innovators and pioneers in our profession. The knowledge I have accumulated over the past half century has allowed me to develop my own unique technique protocols and to successfully treat patients who have been disappointed with previous chiropractic, medical and surgical care.

My objective in teaching these seminars is to share the knowledge and experience I have acquired, to shorten the learning curve and smooth the road to success for a new generation of chiropractors.

A wise Chinese proverb states: “A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from others.”

My mission is to elevate the level of healing consciousness and mindset in each doctor. We must practice each day in pursuit of excellence and our practice must be patient focused and patient centered. We must always remember we are there to take care of our patients, and we  must do our very best with each patient every time. Each time a patient leaves our office they should feel that our focus was on them and their individual needs and that they were well taken care of.  When we do this for our patients they eagerly tell friends and family about their great doctor. That is the best, most effective kind of advertising there is.

When you decided to become a doctor, did you picture making a true difference in people’s lives?
Did the thought of seeing miracles excite you?
Do you desire to have your patients trust you and refer to you?
Have you envisioned having a referral practice?

The Koch Advanced Integrated Chiropractic Technologies Seminar series will see that you can answer yes to the above questions and more.

Some of the things you will learn in this seminar series are:

  • How to achieve a level of results that often takes doctors years to accomplish.
  • How to successfully create a cash based practice.
  • How to do more with less.
  • What you need to do from day 1 to be successful.
  • What you equipment you actually need and what you don’t need and why.
  • Who you need to introduce yourself to in order to build your business.
  • How balancing the pelvis is fundamental for the long term health and mobility of a patient.
  • How cranial nerves can be examined and treated to make massive changes in people’s lives.

We are not sure about the 3 part series as originally conceived.  We are finding it seems to work best to combine parts one and two.  But we may also offer shorter seminars.  Either way the curriculum will include:

  1. Part 1 will cover the basics of my protocols including my approach to the first visit examination, consultation and treatment. In this first seminar of the series the emphasis will be on pelvic balance. I will explain and demonstrate my integrated technique protocol for the comprehensive evaluation and correction of all seven joints of the pelvis. To start making remarkable changes in your patients, you must first be sure they have a stable foundation — the pelvis.
  2. Part 2 will consist of a brief review of Seminar 1 followed by the evaluation and correction protocols for the cervical and thoracic spine. I will include the examination and corrective protocols for the cervical myotomes and TMJ. I will also teach my spinal molding, mobilization and rehab exercises.
  3. Part 3 will include a brief review of seminars 1 and 2. Then we will focus on the extremities, including shoulders, elbow, wrist, knees, ankles and feet. I will also discuss the specialized techniques I use with complex cases and how to build a cash practice based on results and referrals.  I will also demonstrate my personal program for functional fitness and postural enhancement which has helped keep me working for 50 years.

At the end of each seminar, you will be ready to go back home and immediately begin implementing what you have learned. A seminar is no good if it cannot be applied the next day.

This three part 60 hour seminar series will provide you with the information you need to hone your skills and confidently deal with your most challenging cases.

Call today because each seminar can only accommodate 8 students. We are keeping it small to maximize individual interaction with Dr. Koch and ample time for each participant to practice what they learn.

To find out more about Dr. Koch check out his website and blog ChiroPractice Made Perfect
For more information about the seminars look at Koch Seminars  email outislanddc@drwilliamhkoch.com
Or phone 352-729-2678.