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Antabuse Online – Your Effective Aid for Alcoholism

A recent survey showed that more than a quarter of the adult population in the United States is engaged in binge drinking, whereas 6.3% of people older than 18 drink alcohol heavily. The problem of excessive alcohol consumption is topical in many countries and as you see, the United States is not an exception.

The problem of alcohol abuse is treatable. However, far not all alcoholics understand they are sick and need help. The treatment of alcohol dependence is based on counseling and the use of some medications. Antabuse is one of the most commonly applied. This medication belongs to prescription-only drugs, yet you can order Antabuse online too.

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Where to Buy Antabuse?

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What Is Antabuse? How Does It Work?

Antabuse active substance is called disulfiram. This medication works by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for ethanol breakdown. This means the organism of a person taking Antabuse cannot handle any amount of alcohol. The effect of the medication shows through severe hangover symptoms. They can be triggered even by the smallest amounts of ethanol that gets to the body.

A person will feel severe throbbing headache, nausea, sweating, thirst, vomiting, changes in the heart rate, and chest pain. Weakness, confusion, and vertigo are also possible. In case the amount of alcohol one drinks is large, the risks for severe reactions become very high. These include:

• Acute congestive heart failure;
• Respiratory depression;
• Heart attack;
• Seizure;
• Death.

The only way to avoid all those terrifying medical conditions is to refuse from consumption of alcohol. Contact your doctor if these symptoms affect you.

How to Take Antabuse?

The Antabuse pills should be taken once daily: either in the morning or ad bedtime. The efficacy of the drug doesn’t depend on food consumption, so you may ingest it either on an empty stomach or after a meal. The maximum daily dose of the medication is 500 mg. However, it is not suitable for all people who need this kind of treatment. To know your perfect dosage, consult a doctor.

Are There any Contraindications to Antabuse?

Before buying Antabuse online, you should inform your healthcare provider if you have the following health conditions:

• An allergy to disulfiram or any other medications;
• Severe cardiovascular health issues;
• Psychosis or any other mental health problems;
• Diabetes;
• Hypothyroidism;
• Renal or hepatic disorder;
• Drug abuse history (either personal or family).

Side Effects of Antabuse

You shouldn’t drink alcohol when on Antabuse to avoid the interaction with ethanol anditsfollowing symptoms. You should also know that Antabuse itself may be the cause for some unwanted reactions, like:

• Tiredness;
• Changes in taste;
• Headache;
• Sleepiness.

Such reactions may last for a couple of days at the beginning of the therapy. They should stop when your body gets used to the drug. Anyway, you should call your doctor for advice if the symptoms last for too long or get worse. Severe reactions to disulfiram are also possible. They are mood swings, muscular weakness, sexual dysfunction, vision changes, and others. Get medical help promptly in case you notice the listed manifestations.

Antabuse online purchase can become your first step towards a healthy life. Make it, and you’ll never regret such a decision.