October Koch Advanced Technique Seminar rapidly approaching

Wow!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I was here.  My last blog was right after our March Seminar — which was a smash hit.

And since then it has been so incredibly busy, I somehow neglected my blog.

Since my last post I have been doing a lot of writing.  Kiana and I created a seminar manual that is almost 300 pages — so I am dividing it into two separate books for the October Seminar.  One is a very detailed, step by step, illustrated Technique Manual that will be a lasting reference.

In June we had another seminar and it was fantastic.

Each one is better than the last.  We are getting a great mix of people from all over the country and even from Canada. Everyone has had a fun learning experience and we are all creating a great professional network and lasting friendships.

I could not be happier.

Our next seminar is October 26 through 29.

We have one spot left.  Why don’t  you join us in Mount Dora?  It will be unlike any other course you have done or will ever do again.  And you will never regret it.

We are limiting it to 6 doctors (families invited).  It is a 4 day intensive, personalized, interactive, hands-on learning experience like no other. You will learn an amazing amount of information and technique you can apply as you get home.  And you will have a great time doing it!

Think about joining us.

Call 352-729-2678 today.

About the October 26 Koch Protocols for Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Technique Seminar

This is a truly unique program that provides a memorable “YES!” experience. We have worked to create a personal, fun, interesting, informative and immediately useful class – the kind that Dr. Koch would have loved to have taken himself years ago.

See It – Feel It – Do It!

During the four-day seminar scheduled for October 26, 27, 28, 29 we plan to meet for 7 to 8 hours each day and you will learn an enormous amount of useful information that you can put into practice as soon as you get back.  This is not just a lecture course, but also a hands-on workshop.

Dr. Koch will teach how he does his First Visit consultation, examination, and treatment, including the way he uses muscle testing to determine specific areas of weakness or imbalance, and then retesting post treatment to ascertain for the doctor and demonstrate to the patient the positive results gained through his treatment protocols. Dr. Koch is all about evidence-based diagnosis and treatment and will teach his protocols in a way that will allow you to begin using them right away.

Each doctor will get to See It — Feel It — and Do It — so they can experience and learn how to perform simple protocols utilizing the hand-held instruments and SOT blocks as well as some gentle soft tissue techniques to get fantastic results quickly and comfortably for both the patient and the doctor.

Dr. Koch will teach the way he first balances the pelvis, addressing all 7 pelvic joints, then how he corrects issues in the thoracic and cervical spine.  He will also demonstrate the way he works on the extremities, including the shoulders, elbows knees and feet.

Each doctor attending will be evaluated and treated by Dr. Koch and so will get to feel what it is like for the patient who experiences these protocols.  Then everyone will have a chance to practice the technique on each other. In past seminars some doctors brought their spouses or children and they got adjusted, too.  It is really helpful to have a variety of cases and real issues to see how well these protocols really work. So, we welcome family members who would like to join us for all or part of the course.

Also, each doctor attending will receive a seminar manual — the last one had grown to 320 pages!  So, we will be dividing it into a couple of different books.  One of them is a step by step illustrated technique manual, which we can send in advance once you are registered.  It can serve to better prepare you to get the most out of the seminar and as a refresher/reference afterward.

The other is a text that is a collection of articles about the Koch philosophy of practice, some technical articles and his ideas on how to have a Koch style cash practice – a ChiroPractice Made Perfect.   And everyone who attends will get a signed copy of Dr. Koch’s book “Conversations with Chiropractic Technique Masters.”

The first 3 days will contain most of the “meat” of the course, all the basics of what you need to know.  The 4th day, could be optional if any doctor cannot take that Monday out of office.  But if you can do it, that day has proven to be extremely valuable as it will help tie together and “set” everything you have learned.

Day 4 will be spent practicing the techniques everyone learned during the first three days. And everyone will have an opportunity to ask their questions and talk about personal issues. Dr. Koch will also discuss how you can have a referral-based cash practice with less stress, more time and energy to enjoy your practice, your family and private life — and to take better care of your own health — all with a better bottom line.

Imagine what it would be like to eliminate much of the paperwork that burdens you as well as the hassles and liabilities of insurance, the endless waiting and uncertainty about when and how much you will get paid — or even if you will get paid at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to live in fear and dread of an insurance audit — and the possibility of having to pay them back? We have heard so many horror stories in this regard. It makes us shudder. So, we will talk about how to have a successful referral-based cash practice.

Dr. Koch also has a fantastic exercise program he likes to teach. It only takes about an hour to demonstrate and let everyone try it out. It is a Functional Fitness program involving spinal range of motion and spinal molding or rehab exercises, as well as his special multi-plane exercises that protect the spine while strengthening the core and upper body.  These exercises are all performed supine using light hand weights and foam rolls. They work amazingly well without the risk of injury.

They are deceptively easy, but can be as challenging as you need them to be. When he demonstrates, he makes them look really easy, and they are. But with a few modifications they can be made challenging, even for those much younger who work out regularly.  Yet most of them can be easily performed by almost anyone. His patients love them.  And patients love doctors who give them some self help options.

Dr. Koch has been doing these exercises for decades.  They are largely responsible for his being able to practice and live an active life at age 73 after 50 years as a chiropractor.  At the Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention last weekend, people kept remarking about how fit Dr. Koch was, saying, “You must work out. What do you do?”  These are the only exercises he does regularly.

That is the basic description of the seminar.  Please feel free to phone Dr. Koch or myself with any questions.

Or just to chat about your practice and your issues/interests.  We like to get to know every doctor attending so that we may personalize the class as much as possible.

If you are interested in learning more there are many articles I can send you.  But I do not want to overwhelm you now.  You may read more at the Technique Institute or http://kochseminars.com/    You may also check him out on LinkedIn and Facebook. Look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Best regards,

Kiana and Dr. Bill

352-729-2678   home and office



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