Are You a Two Percenter?

Ninety eight percent of chiropractors are scratching at the crowded bottom of the ladder for the crumbs thrown out to our profession by insurance companies and Medicare. They either don’t know a broader market exists or they don’t have the confidence to go after it.

There is, however, a marketplace full of people out there who are frustrated with mediocrity, are looking for the exceptional and are willing to pay for it. There is always room at the top of the ladder for those who want to serve by providing exceptional care.

If you have a desire to achieve the extraordinary, if “good enough” is not good enough for you, then you are a “two-percenter.” Come join with me and I will help you to be the best you can be.

Many years ago I asked one of my mentors why all chiropractors were not anxious to learn the advanced techniques he was teaching.  I was excited about it and couldn’t understand why others weren’t.

He told me that in any group there is a small percentage of people who have the desire and drive to be the best they can be.  He called them “The Two Percenters.”  These are the people who are willing to spend the time to do the hard work and perfect their skills in order to provide their patients with the best care possible.

This is the mark of the consummate professional.  Being a professional is not just about being paid for a service that requires specialized training and skills. It is a mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Every doctor enjoys the prestige that goes along with their title.  There is no question that the title “doctor” in front of your name assures some level of deferential treatment in most social venues. The public looks up to doctors as accomplished professionals. Let us do everything we can to live up to the image and performance that professionalism implies.

Professionalism is the pursuit of excellence.  It is a lifelong quest, not a destination. The greatest rewards are not monetary, but come from knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of others. Your sense of accomplishment will be sweetened when you are able to achieve results in cases where other physicians, surgeons and therapists have not been successful.

When you establish a reputation for outstanding results in challenging cases, you will eventually find that referrals will come to you not because you are a chiropractor, but because you are the doctor who gets results when others do not.  IT IS ALL ABOUT RESULTS!

If you want to be a Two-Percenter, please join me for a Koch Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques Seminar.  Go to    or call 352-729-2678 and ask for Dr. Koch or Kiana.

Want to be in the TOP 2 PERCENT of our profession? Spend your time, energy and money on perfecting your skill sets — instead of on buying unnecessary equipment.  

Dates of Seminars:

March 23-25 Part One / March 26-27 Part Two

2018 future dates :  June 8-10 and October 26-28

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