I’d Like to Invite You to Join Me in January

Please join me in Florida in January for Seminar 1 of my 3 part seminar series    Koch Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques.

My next hands-on intensive 3 day seminar is scheduled for January 19-21, 2018. I’d like to invite you to join me.  The focus of Seminar One of the three part series is on the first visit examination and treatment protocols with an emphasis on Balancing the Pelvis. I am really looking forward to it.  The last one was fantastic.  A great learning experience and a lot of fun!


General Course Objectives

To teach you the way I use Advanced Examination and Adjusting Techniques including Instrument Adjusting for Better Results and Happier Patients in a simple model of a Patient Centered Referral Based Cash Practice.

In recent years there have been enormous improvements in the design and technology of hand held chiropractic instruments, as well as in the various technique methods for their use. This has resulted in the opportunity for significantly better, faster results for our patients. It has also resulted in effective treatment options that are much easier on the doctors. In this seminar series I will discuss the benefits of instrument adjusting for patients and doctors and will demonstrate and give one-on-one instruction in the various technique approaches he uses.

I will also teach his own protocols for instrument adjusting using the ArthroStim, VibraCussor and GRT Lite in conjunction with a variety of other techniques including SOT, Gonstead, Creed Neural Integration, Gonzalez Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation, and others to get incredible, quick and lasting results for your patients.

Why Instrument Adjusting?

  • Patients love instrument adjusting. It is gentle and eliminates the joint cracking sounds many find intimidating and offensive. While gentle it can achieve very fast and dramatic results that “wow” the patients.
  • Instrument adjusting allows greater precision and versatility in adjusting the spine and extremities.
  • Instrument adjusting dramatically reduces the stress on the doctor’s body. Too many chiropractors’ careers are cut short by injuries which occur at a rate comparable to professional football players.  Instrument adjusting extends and even saves careers.
  • Instrument adjusting permits adjusting of the full spine or selected areas in a wide range of positions: the usual prone and supine or with patients sitting or standing or even with the patient in motion. In fact, instruments allow for dynamic adjusting of the patient while walking in place, adding a whole new dimension to the corrective process by allowing adjustments to be made in motion and under full weight bearing loads.

Course Outline/Description

  1. Introduce the multiple benefits of Instrument Adjusting.
  2. Introduce a high level of precision and specificity to the corrective process.
  3. Demonstrate and instruct how instruments can be used in a variety of ways and for various specific results.
  4. Demonstrate how instruments allow us to address specific, objective examination findings and make appropriate corrections with a degree of effectiveness that allows the doctor to show immediate functional improvements on post adjustment re-examination. This clearly demonstrates to doctor and patient that his protocol has had a positive effect.
  5. Integrate Instrument Adjusting with Manual Techniques for a complete protocol.
  6. Show you how to get fantastic results quickly
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    and easily using instrument adjusting, SOT categorizing and blocking techniques in conjunction very specific and precise manual adjusting techniques.

  7. Discuss how I have built multiple successful referral based cash practices over the past 50 years by  producing exceptional results and happy patients — and how you can too.

Get excited about chiropractic again. Enjoy your practice more than ever before. Simplify, lower your overhead and get better results for happier patients who help you build a thriving referral practice.  Sign up for a Koch Advanced Technique Seminar.

Each Koch Seminar is three days, approximately 20 hours, of personal, hands on instruction in a small group setting that will allow you to go to work Monday morning and start using what you have learned.

Three days, 20 hours, maximum 10 doctors per class — $250!   Call Kiana at 352-729-2678.

In my next post I will discuss in more detail the first seminar: Balancing the Pelvis.

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