Stand Taller, Look Better and Live Longer

Stand Taller, Look Better and Live Longer:  Improve Posture, Flexibility, Core Strength, Upper Body Strength and Aerobic Capacity with Unique Exercise Program developed by Dr. William H. Koch.

Exercise with Dr. Koch every Monday during the month of November at the Parks and Recreation Building at the park on Donnely and 5th in downtown Mount Dora.

Stand Taller – Live Longer

Posture: There’s More to It  Than Meets the Eye

In this four class series offered through the Mount Dora Parks and Recreation Department, Dr. Koch will discuss the importance of good posture and how to achieve it. He will teach how you can use posture exercises as part of a daily exercise and fitness routine – so that you can Stand Taller and Live Longer!

Level one is designed to prepare the spine and body structure for more advanced exercise. The objective is to increase body flexibility and resiliency and to prevent injuries that so often accompany more advanced exercise programs. It is suitable for seniors and people with existing back problems.

Level two is a bit more challenging, but all exercises are done lying down to protect and support the spine.

The Koch Spinal Exercises and Multi- Plane Coupled Motion Exercises were designed to address several of the most important aspects of fitness: Posture, Core Strength, Upper body Strength, Aerobic Capacity, and Flexibility.

  • Classes will be every Monday in November beginning November  2    
  • 1pm to 2pm at the Donnelly Park Building.
  • Fee for the class is $10 for Drop-in or $40 for the month.
  • You will need:
  • An Exercise Mat
  • 2 Hand Weights (3 to 5 pounds depending on your strength level)
  • Pool noodle rolls will be provided by Dr. Koch


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