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Simple and Simply Profound: Easy Weight Loss & More

I recently had the distinct pleasure to learn that my good friend, Gary Scott ( had featured one of my exercise routines in his daily newsletter. Here is an excerpt from that newsletter:

“I was delighted when Merri’s and my longtime friend, Dr. Bill Koch, moved from the Bahamas to Mount Dora. Bill has been a practicing chiropractor for 44 years. He and his wife Kiana are on a mission to change people’s lives for the better by helping them reduce pain, improve their hormonal imbalances, and overcome metabolic, digestive and weight problems. Bill helps me deal with back and neck problems I suffer from time to time, the result of a car accident in my youth. This injury is exacerbated by the work related stress that comes from sitting in front of a computer too many hours a day. Previously I enjoyed his help infrequently, catch as catch can, when our paths crossed in Ecuador or the Bahamas. Now that we live near each

other Bill is focusing on regularly helping me with my health.

“After a recent treatment he taught me this simple exercise to help overcome my back and neck pain.

Gary Scott demonstrating position 1

Gary Scott
demonstrating position 1

Gary Scott demonstrating position 2

Gary Scott
demonstrating position 2

“I breathe in as I move my shoulders back and take a deep breath (position 1, left). Picture pinning something in the middle of your back with your shoulder blades. Then breathe out and slowly move your head down, chin to chest and bring your shoulders forward (position 2, right).”




“Luckily I started this exercise around the first of the year. I do not do this as a New Year resolution. Keeping my weight in check is a year round struggle for me. The battle of the bulge is always raging.

“Once I started doing this exercise, for my back, I noticed something different with my eating. Previously, at 10:30 and 3:30 especially, I simply had to eat. No matter what I told my self. No matter what I thought or did, my brain simply took over. My will power was out of control.

“I do this slowly, gently with deep, slow breaths. If I feel even a touch of pain I am doing it too forcefully.

“Does the exercise seem too simple to you? This is the simplest, easiest, most convenient exercise I have ever tried and this is why it is so profound. Simple works. Complex usually does not. Utterly simple works extremely well. This exercise helps move fresh, glucose rich CSF to the brain and stops the brain from panicking because it’s not getting enough glucose.

“Now when I start to feel the hunger, I do this exercise. “Breathe in as I move my shoulders back and take a deep breath.”

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Dr. Bill

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