Low-T Part 2

Low-T Part 2

Low T, ED and the Cardiovascular Connection

In recent years, the male erection has gone from a subject only spoken about in private conversations or whispered about in public to the focus of magazine articles and TV advertisements for over the counter and prescription drugs to treat what is now commonly known as erectile dysfunction or “ED.”

Erectile Function is more than “just a matter of blood flow” as so many of the ads for popular drugs to treat ED suggest. It is a complex mechanism involving a combination of hormonal, cardiovascular, neurovascular and neuro-emotional components.

While it certainly is a matter of blood flow, there is more to it than that. The erection is the end result of a complex process. Treating it as simply a matter of blood flow to the penis with a drug designed to treat just that symptom is a glaring example of the poor medical practice of treating symptoms without investigating and correcting the underlying cause.

The prudent physician who takes a functional approach to healthcare knows that ED can be an indicator of more serious problems. The inability to get or sustain an erection could be symptomatic of several more serious medical issues such as cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalance, neuro-emotional or other physiological stressors. I believe that artificially inducing an erection with drugs is a questionable and potentially dangerous practice.

I also believe that it is ultimately a disservice to men to artificially induce erections with drugs when they could be experiencing natural erections if they were diagnosed and treated functionally.

The good news is that there are natural solutions to each of the key underlying causes of ED.

In his book, The Testosterone Switch™, Dr. Kyl Smith clearly outlines his science based, three part strategy to naturally raise a man’s testosterone to a healthy level using a combination of a low Glycemic/ high anti-oxidant diet, high intensity exercise and a particular combination of nutraceuticals that have been scientifically proven to help balance the hormones and reduce the effects of stress by supporting brain and endocrine health. [This book is currently only available from Progressive Labs 1-800-527-9512. Ask for Nancy Craig and tell her Dr. Koch referred you. Use the code 35093 for a 10% discount.]

As the subtitle to his book indicates, following this program to turn on the “Testosterone Switch™” will lead to improved “lean muscle mass, physical stamina, endurance, vitality, motivation, mental performance, speed of reaction, sexual functions, libido and capability.”

In other words, this is a program for good health. And good health is dapoxetine a pre-requisite for good sexual function.

In another great book, The Hardness Factor, author, Dr. Steven Lamm points out the link between strong sexual function and good health. He affirms that maintaining a healthy weight, normal testosterone production and the ability to engage in vigorous physical activity are requisite factors and good indicators of a man’s ability to maintain a rock hard erection and have a healthy sex life. In other words, good health and hard erections are synonymous.

Dr. Lamm says, “When a man’s blood vessels are healthy and elastic, his heart and brain are functioning well — and his erections are rock hard. When his neural connections are firing and nitric oxide is being released in great abundance throughout his body, his cognition is high – and his erections are rock hard.”

There are many natural supplements that increase nitric oxide production. Increased Nitric Oxide (NO) levels support erectile function, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, blood flow, arterial function and exercise performance.

These natural products can safely improve overall health and male performance, for true vitality, providing an alternative to prescription drugs that artificially boost erectile function without addressing the underlying functional faults.

In addition to diet, exercise and supplements, there are advanced chiropractic techniques that have been proven to be effective in restoring structural and neurological balance, which is also necessary for good health, vitality and strong sexual function.

In my book, Conversations with Chiropractic Technique Masters, I discuss a number of these advanced techniques. One of them, Quantum Neurology® Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation, is of special importance for its ability to re-establish the parasympathetic-sympathetic balance of the autonomic nervous system.

When the autonomic nervous system becomes sympathetic dominate due to prolonged stress, normal erectile function is impossible. This is because erectile function is a strictly parasympathetic event, and sympathetic dominance shuts off the erectile response.

When we restore the autonomic nervous system balance necessary for erectile function, we also re-establish the neurological, hormonal, metabolic and cardiovascular environment necessary for overall health and well being.

Dr. Bill

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