FCA National Convention and Palmer College Florida

FCA National Convention and Palmer College Florida

The past two weeks have been very busy and rewarding for me and my wife, Kiana. They were highlighted by the annual FCA Convention and a technique class I presented at Palmer College Florida.

The FCA National Convention

On the last weekend of August I attended the Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Convention in Orlando. It was a huge event attended by more than three thousand Chiropractors and several thousand more family members and staff.

The continuing education classes were great and I attended as many as I could. When not in class I spent all of my time in the exhibition hall at the booth of Impac Inc., the manufacturer of the instruments I use in my practice.

Not only do I use instrument adjusting extensively in my practice; as a writer and teacher I have long been an enthusiastic proponent of their use.

Instrument assisted adjusting allows a much higher level of specificity and precision in the chiropractic correction of subluxations and extremity faults, and facilitates cranial nerve and myotome rehabilitation procedures.

Better chiropractic corrections change the lives of patients. Instrument adjusting opens the door to an expanded population of potential chiropractic patients who would have previously resisted or refused to see a chiropractor because of fear associated with the sounds and sensations of the traditional adjustment. Instrument adjusting eliminates that barrier and defuses the objections and warnings of MDs who tell patients not to let a chiropractor “crack your neck or back”.

Another major benefit of instrument adjusting is that it saves and extends chiropractor’s careers.     The stress on the chiropractor’s body is dramatically reduced or eliminated by switching to instrument assisted adjusting.

My own career was resurrected by it after four years on disability due to practice related compression fractures of my spine. That is why I so enthusiastically advocate it to new and more experienced chiropractors alike.

At the FCA Convention I personally adjusted dozens of chiropractors. All complained of difficulty in getting adequate care in their home towns. Many had seen me at previous FCA conventions, saying such things as, “I was hoping you would be here, the adjustment I got from you last year was the best and longest lasting I ever had.”

This is the same kind of feedback I get from my patients in The Bahamas, many of whom come from all over the world.

It is this kind of feedback that has inspired me to share my 48 years of practice experience, expertise and unique protocols of patient examination, analysis and correction with other members of the profession to help them enjoy better results and patient compliance without injuring themselves as I did.

My Presentation at Palmer College Florida

I am especially interested in reaching out to chiropractic students and doctors new in practice. I want to help them be the best doctors they can and shorten their road to a satisfying and rewarding career.

So I was extremely pleased to receive an invitation to present my work to the senior class at the Palmer College in Port Orange, Florida this past Thursday, September 10.

As an introduction to the class, my wife Kiana talked about our experiences practicing for the past fifteen years as The Out Island Chiropractor in Abaco, Bahamas. Our practice was such fun, so unique and totally portable, we thought the students would enjoy a glimpse of it.

The slide presentation of my Adventures in Practice was posted in this blog on September 13. It shows how you can give great care just about anywhere: on boats, in the bush, on the beach, or just about any place you can imagine. Check it out.

Following that introduction, I discussed my idea of ChiroPractice Made Perfect and demonstrated my unique examination and correction protocols. I did a complete new patient examine and corrections on a real patient, one of the Palmer students who has had a difficult and persistent problem since he was in high school.

My protocols, which are unique, totally patient focused and interactive, engage the patient with every part of the examination and correction. That means the patient “experiences” their examination findings rather than just being told about them. Likewise they immediately experience the effects of my corrective procedures, with instant feedback using before and after muscle testing.

This kind of chiropractic care provides a very positive, meaningful and memorable experience for the patient. It also provides the doctor with the opportunity to very specifically document what he did and the effect it had on the patient, which is very useful to reference during future visits, as well as for medico legal purposes.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with these students, and they seemed to enjoy it too, since many stayed long after the class was officially over. And several indicated interest in spending more time with me in smaller, hands on technique seminars, which Kiana and I are organizing now and hope to begin offering in October.

I am very excited about doing more of this kind of teaching, since I feel that the most important thing I can do at this point in my life and career is to share my knowledge and experience with the younger members of the profession.

If you are interested in attending, please send me an email at outislanddc@drwilliamhkoch.com











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