Detoxification with Dr. Edward Group III

Detoxification with Dr. Edward Group III, originally published by The American Chiropractor June 2015

By Dr. William H. Koch

The chiropractic profession has a rich history filled with uniquely gifted individuals. Beginning with the founders, DD and BJ Palmer, each generation of chiropractors has brought forth people of extraordinary intelligence, vision and courage. We refer to them as pioneers. They blazed new trails and cruised into uncharted waters allowing us to be where we are today. We are the beneficiaries of their work.

Chiropractic, at 120 years of age, is still very young as a healing arts profession when compared to allopathic medicine, ayurveda and acupuncture which have existed for millennia. Pioneering is still going on in chiropractic as members of our profession with a unique combination of extraordinary abilities engage in research and development of technologies that benefit us and our patients.

In my series of interview articles I have been proud to introduce notable colleagues who the average, busy, practicing doctor might never have heard of otherwise. It is my pleasure to showcase their work.

Dr. Edward Group, IIIIn this Interview with Dr. Edward Group III, author of The GREEN Body Cleanse, you will be introduced to an innovator and maverick in the field of natural healing. Dr. Group is a chiropractor, naturopathic physician, biochemist and researcher.

The son of one of Exxon’s top chemists and developer of things like Saran Wrap and PVC plastic, Dr. Group first aspired to be a cardiac surgeon. However, when both of his parents died of cancer at an early age, his interest was diverted to the cause, cure and treatment of cancer. He chose to pursue his doctorate in chiropractic because of its natural and vitalistic philosophy, science and art.

In 1998, soon after receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College he opened a clinic in Houston, Texas. His overriding interest in cancer led to studying the natural cancer treatment protocols used by clinics in Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The information acquired from studying those protocols as well as from his chiropractic education and background in chemistry, led him to an understanding of the fundamental importance of detoxifying the body in any program aimed at eliminating disease, and most especially cancer. Utilizing this knowledge and philosophy to create his own protocols for cancer treatment, Dr. Group’s clinic started to get phenomenal results. Word of the success of his protocols spread rapidly, drawing patients from all over the world.

Unfortunately, he also got the attention of the FDA who shut down his clinic and seized his records and equipment with the order to cease and desist. Realizing he could not fight the Federal Government and FDA, he re-strategized with a new focus on helping the body to heal itself through what he determined to be the common cause of degenerative disease, systemic toxicity.

KOCH: I am pleased to introduce my esteemed colleague, Dr. Edward Group. Ed, your journey is fascinating and your story is like an adventure novel.

In our limited space, please give our readers an overview of your work as it exists today and the conclusions that you have drawn.

GROUP: Detoxifying and cleansing the body is the most important thing we can do to give the body the upper hand in overcoming just about any disease or condition you can think of. We live in a sea of toxins that saturate our food, air and water. It is virtually impossible to escape them. But if we are to survive and experience any reasonable level of health, we have to recognize their existence and do everything necessary to get them out of our bodies.

KOCH: Most chiropractors know that what you are saying is true, but the big question is what can we do about it since it is such a pervasive problem. I wanted to talk to you about this issue because I have been very impressed with your work and your passion for healing.

GROUP: Thank you, Bill. You are right, this is my passion and life’s work. The task of detoxification and cleansing is enormous and never ending because we cannot avoid the exposure. Toxins are everywhere.

Because of this we must understand that the job will never be done. It will require ongoing vigilance and effort. It must be undertaken as a matter of not only personal survival, but the survival of our species. It is that serious.

KOCH: I know that what you are saying is all too true. The assault we are under from a multitude of toxins and carcinogenic chemicals in our environment and food is terrifying. So what is your strategy?

GROUP: After many years of research and study I can now say that my approach is simple. But it is certainly not easy.

In the early years of my clinical practice, like everyone else, I used extensive blood analysis for testing and about 260 natural supplements and formulations. Over the years, however, I simplified my approach to a one that does not rely as much on testing or on using a shelf full of supplements into one that puts the major emphasis on body cleansing and detoxification to better enable the body to heal itself. Because that is what I have found works best.

The bottom line is this, Bill: The cleaner the body the more it will kick in its own natural defenses, immunity and healing mechanisms. You have always heard that given the right conditions the body is capable of overcoming any disease or condition known to man. And I am here to tell you that it is true. And I have a huge number of case studies to prove it.

KOCH: I have read your book, The GREEN Body Cleanse, and am personally convinced that your conclusions are correct. If people want to have the chance to live healthy lives they must be proactive. They must be informed, convinced and committed to taking responsibility for their own health. And ready to consistently do what it takes to keep their bodies clean.

GROUP: Right again. Here it is in a nutshell. Toxins are the enemy. The list is almost endless and still growing. We must first prevent as much toxin as possible from ever entering our bodies. I know we cannot do this perfectly, but we have to do the best we can by eating organic, non GMO foods and by filtering our water, which we know is contaminated by chlorine, fluorides, industrial and agricultural chemicals. Most water supplies also contain pharmaceutical residues from such things as birth control pills and hormone replacement drugs which are known endocrine disruptors, as well as residues of psychogenic drugs such as Prozac and other anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs which are known to affect people’s minds, moods and emotions. To purge these things from our water supplies requires sophisticated filtration systems such as reverse osmosis or distillation.

However, knowing that even if we consistently do our best to keep our bodies clean we cannot possibly keep all of the toxins from entering.

We must then have a way to get rid of those that have accumulated in the intestines, liver, kidneys and other tissues. Yet we must be sure that the method and products we use to cleanse ourselves are safe. In other words, the “project” of cleansing must be safe, effective and natural – and not add to the toxic load as some of the currently popularized “detox” products do.

The simple solution is to get rid of the toxins and to keep them out with a safe, effective and ongoing program. It is not easy but it is worth it.

KOCH: I agree that it is worth the time and effort to get healthy and stay healthy. A body that is not burdened by toxicity is capable of mounting an immune response that can take care of most diseases that challenge us.

But as you emphasize in your book, unless we keep our bodies clean and as toxin free as possible, they will not be able to do their natural job of self healing.   We as doctors need to do this for ourselves and to encourage and guide our patients to do the same.

Your book provides a great “how to” blueprint we can use to achieve this goal. And I encourage everyone to read it.

Ed, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us today. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

GROUP: Yes, Bill. I must point out that there is another toxin that is harder to get rid of than those in the food, air and water. It comes from prolonged, severe stress. It is the ultimate toxin because it alters our internal environment so completely.

All else being equal, if we are chronically and severely stressed, it is difficult to be truly healthy. Stress is an enemy that we all must fight individually because it can sabotage all of our other efforts to be healthy.

KOCH: I strongly recommend that my readers visit Dr. Group’s website and obtain a copy of his book The Green Body

Cleanse available at It contains 329 pages of valuable information about every aspect of detoxifying your home as well as your body using organic methods.

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