Dangerous Seafood

Dangerous Seafood:
The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

The featured documentary by Earth Focus, an environmental investigative news magazine, reveals the toxic sides of the shrimp and smart phone industries.

Aquaculture promotes itself as a sustainable solution to overfishing. But in reality, seafood farms cause as many problems as they solve, and may even be making matters worse. There’s really little difference, in terms of environmental pollution, between land-based feedlots and water-based ones.

As documented in the featured video, low fish stocks in the wild has led to illegal fishing—some of it within national park waters off the coast of Thailand—an area that now supplies much of the fish meal to feed factory farmed animals, including farmed shrimp and prawns.

Yes, immature tropical fish is now being turned into shrimp food. This has devastating effects on the ecosystem, and more…

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