Brain Purification

I just read a great blog post by my good friend, Gary Scott which I would like to share with you. Gary’s articles are always interesting and inspiring. This article is on brain purification, a subject we were discussing last week.  It is a subject important to us all, especially as we age.

And it reminds us never to underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Bill

Brain Purification

by Gary A Scott     Friday April 17th, 2015

Here are three steps you can take that help purify the brain.  I love it when coincidences beat me over the head with important ideas.  Recently three separate events slammed into my day. 
The first was a visit by our Super Spanish teacher, Don Childs.  Don had been researching the importance magnesium has in developing natural health.   I could write an entire report about this subject.  In fact I asked Don if he would.  If I can coax him to do so, I’ll share it with you.Then later the same day Bill Koch a friend and a chiropractor (and much,much more!) who helps me maintain my health balance was talking to me and mentioned the importance of REM sleep because it helps purify the brain.  During REM sleep, Bill told me; “Cerebrospinal fluid flows along arterial channels and removes amyloid plaque”.If you wish to be technical, you can read a report published about this entitled: “A Paravascular Pathway Facilitates CSF Flow Through the Brain Parenchyma and the Clearance of Interstitial Solutes, Including Amyloid β” at US Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (1).Then Merri sent me an article the same day from Dr. Mercola “Poor sleep promotes Alzheimers” (2).  He covers the importance of REM sleep and calls it a brain enema.The key points in Mercoa’s article are that:#1: Lack of sleep has ramifications that go far beyond not feeling fully awake and refreshed during the day.

#2: Numerous studies have linked poor sleep or lack of sleep to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

#3:  One reasons for this link is that the brain’s waste removal system only operates during deep sleep.

#4:  The brain has a unique method of removing toxic waste.

#5: The body pumps cerebral spinal fluid through the brain and flushes waste into your body’s circulatory system where it’s eliminated.

#6:  During sleep this process is ten times more active than during wakefulness allowing your brain to clear out toxins, including harmful proteins called amyloid-beta, the buildup of which has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

#7:  During its active process, the brain spews out toxic free radicals as a by-product of making energy. Sleep is the only time the brain has to catch its breath. If it doesn’t, it may drown in its own biological debris.  Brain cells need a break every night or eventually, they collapse.   Enough sleep is required to produce antioxidants that mop up these potential poisons.

Omega-3 and Vitamin D help in this process because research suggests that they may control brain serotonin.

Animal-based omega-3 and vitamin D can improve cognitive function by regulating your brain’s serotonin levels.

One research paper illuminates links that explain why low vitamin D… and marine omega-3 deficiencies interact with genetic pathways, such as the serotonin pathway, that are important for brain development, social cognition, and decision-making.  Serotonin is also an immediate precursor to melatonin, which has many important health benefits, including a reduced cancer risk.

Serotonin is also an important brain chemical in regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

To have a clearer, sharper and healthier brain, sleep.

Here are the steps that help bring it on… sleep that is and the better, longer lasting, good thoughts it brings.

#1:  Omega 3 Oil.

#2:  Magnesium Oil.

#3:  Sleep inducing essential oils.


(1) A Paravascular Pathway Facilitates CSF Flow Through the Brain Parenchyma and the Clearance of Interstitial Solutes, Including Amyloid β

(2) Poor sleep promotes alzheimers

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