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Again, I am eager to share some of my  new book with you and would love feedback.  Below is Chapter One of How to Find the Best Chiropractor for You.

How to Find The Best Chiropractor for You-Chapter One

I Want to Share the Benefit of My Experience

I have been a chiropractor for over 45 years. If you include my four years in chiropractic school, that adds up to nearly a half century of experience in the profession. I want to share the benefit of my experience with you as a chiropractor and also as a chiropractic patient.

Actually, my experience as a chiropractic patient began when I was a young child. As an infant I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. The condition was chronic and severe, and on more occasions than I or my parents could recall, it lapsed into life threatening bronchial pneumonia.

My father, a pharmacist, tried every medication possible to try to help me, but without success. He took me to the very best specialists available in New York City. Finally, when I was about ten he took me to what he thought was our last, best hope, the doctor known as “The Very Best” lung specialist in The City and probably the world. Even way back in the 1950’s this doctor charged several hundred dollars for the visit. He could not help me. Finally, desperate to save me, my father committed an act of medical treason and took me to a chiropractor. In those days chiropractors were not licensed in New York and the medical establishment regarded them as quacks.

Immediately my health began to change for the better. My response to chiropractic spinal adjustments was remarkable. My health improved beyond my parent’s wildest dreams. The episodes of bronchial asthma diminished by about 90% within just a couple of months, and as long as I kept my spine in alignment the condition remained under control.

This was my introduction to chiropractic and the inspiration for my chosen future career.

For some 30 years I practiced in the Hamptons on eastern Long Island, and for the past 15 years in the Abaco out islands of The Bahamas. Both were beach communities and popular vacation destinations, and in both practices I had the opportunity to see patients from all over the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Africa, and of course, The Bahamas.

I have heard about many great chiropractors, but unfortunately I have also heard a lot of complaints.

And I would have to say the same about my own experience as a chiropractic patient. I have been treated by some fantastic chiropractors. I have also had my own share of disappointing experiences, and on more than one occasion have had to say, “No thank you,” and leave.

My own disappointing experiences in trying to find a good chiropractor for myself, as well as the stories of so many of my patients who have struggled to find the right chiropractor for themselves, is what inspired me to write this book. And it is why I will be giving you the best benefit I can from my personal experience in practice and as a patient to provide you with the guidelines I would use if I were choosing a DC for myself or a friend or family member.

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